23 thoughts on “Cricket World Cup 2011: Ponting questions walking Tendulkar”

  1. I get where you are coming from, but not walking isn’t cheating. But yes, it is bad sportsmanship.

    So why is cricket the only sport in the world where the player is supposed to do the umpire’s job? Players have done their job, so it’s the umpire’s duty to give the decision, not the players.
    When a player doesn’t walk, the umpire is supposed to tell him he’s out.
    I don’t understand why people are calling Ponting ‘cheater’ for not walking

  3. If you’re playing for yourself, you would walk. If you’re playing for your team, you wouldn’t walk. So we could infer who is who.

  4. Oh so why didn’t ponting comment on Gilchrist walking. Umpire is not a God to know everything. He asks to fielders if its 4 or 6. Sameway walking just conveys the message that its out for sure. Umpire has alright to say not our coz he can give out only when he is 100% convinced with the dismissal. So if batsman walks its not that umpire is wrong. its just that he had doubts

  5. for all those who are bullying about ponting ,the fact that he respects umpire decision and that’s how he played the game and now when player like tendulkar walks even when umpire doesn’t seem interested then i seriously doubt sachin’s sportsmanship for disobeying umpire

  6. So that was probably the reaction of Ponting when Gilchrist sportingly walked away from the crease

  7. thank you for mentioning “mark tubby taylor” as one of the greats my friend. He personally is my favourite captain, a true gentleman and great thinking man’s captain. I do agree with your sentiments, and hope this “blemish” on the footpath -can just go away and criicket australia can one day move forward with some resemblence of a spine.

  8. He’s the biggest embarrassment. I cannot imagine the nation of Bradman, Miller, Lindwall, Davidson, Harvey, Lawry, Benaud and other greats accepting this idiot’s behaviour. Ponting is a ridiculous advertisement for Australian and world cricket and I’m sure captains of honour like Simpson, Border and Taylor cringe everytime they see this abomination of a human “leading” the Australian team.

  9. Maybe in the next world cup we will send our college teams and still beat the pakistani team.

  10. steave dickner..is he still alive..steave is telling…. if aussies r walking i will get them back…tatsmy way of sydney test

  11. And he stilll rapes your paki arab asses in every world cup. So Even a 4 inch monkey is enough to beat pakistan. U guys are worthless.

  12. Ricky comes from such a great team, he should stop poking his nose around and behave like a sport. If he knows he is out and he is still playing, I wonder how his self-conscience allows him to ever pick up a bat again.

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  14. I’m australian- and i cant stand that little germ ponting. He is not well liked over here, and the majority just want him to piss off completley. A shocking captain, a cry baby and a bad sport. All the things cricket australia doesnt need- but tolerates cos cricket australia is run by spineless pricks.

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  16. ponting is an idiot!! standing and waitin for a DRS on such a big edge! wat a douche!

  17. we need criket loving ppl like you from both side of the border …..

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