25 thoughts on “Drunk Man Tries To Kiss Ricky Ponting in India”

  1. @Fondrom wow man that last sentence was really something..remember the freedom fighters back then those brave hearts who their lives for their country they did not Diss their motherland even when faced with persecution and oppression and i don’t think you or any of us are suffering that kind of hardship, you don’t leave your mother if she’s poor and call someone else mom,get it? trolling on the internet is one thing saying that to any indian to his face..,anyone can troll sitting behind a screen

  2. @multiguy16 gays only exist in the western world…. western men are insecure enough to criticise affection between two men as being “gay”…

  3. Theres nothing gay about this video. Ricky Ponting was simply this man’s hero, he loves him – that’s why he kissed him. Although most indians would not do this, plus they would understand western culture, it is simply a cultural difference. Good on him!

  4. LOL this fucking fag indian is a cunt, he should have some professionalism & accept eastern modernized culture, i wouldnt want a kiss from that fatshit.

    I wouldnt even want to be in that event if i was ricky, india is a shit place.
    Makes me feel a disgrace to be a indian.

  5. @rehan8649 hey stupid ass you are still on youtube…………….anyways I just wanted to argue with someone so thought of writing something. How have you been and how is the Ummah coming about lol.

  6. Hey, there’s no law that Gays can’t watch cricket…Besides, What about the rumors that Ponting is a closet gay ?
    But what about International cricketers trying this out next time Punter starts dancing and sledging on the pitch? If this won’t shut him up, Nothing will !!

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