India-Australia test series is getting ugly

The India-Australia test series is getting ugly by the day as the two teams are not leaving any opportunity to make fun of each other, sometimes even forgetting the moral values while doing so.

Yesterday, when Virat Kohli was batting in the post lunch session, a couple of the Aussie fielders were gesturing like they had severe pain in their shoulders.

The reason behind those gestures was that Virat had been off the field for a good one and a half days citing a shoulder injury when the going was tough for India with the ball on a flat deck.

But, when it came to batting, he walked in second down. So, the Aussies probably suspected that he was not as severely injured as he gave the impression and he just used the injury as an excuse to remain in the comfort of the change room.

Mitchell Johnson, who was a part of the Australian camp till 2015 and still remains close to many of the Kangaroo players, even wrote on social media yesterday that he had suspicion about the extent of Virat’s injury.

But, whatever the extent of Virat’s injury might have been, the question is how right it is for a sportsman to laugh at the injury that the other sportsman has suffered even though he is an opponent?

The injuries can happen to anyone in any sports and morally, it’s the responsibility of the opposition team to actually respect the fact that somebody is injured.

The players can get carried away, but, it’s the duty of the captain to step in and tell his players what they are doing is against the sportsmanship.

However, in Australia’s case, Steve Smith himself was involved in that sarcastic gesturing towards Virat which was disappointing.