Indian team going through Batting Deficiency

The Indian team is lacking depth in batting at the moment. The tail is just too easy to be wiped out for the opposition bowlers.

Nobody there in the lower order seems to be good enough to make an impact.

In Australia, it’s very important that your tail contributes a little bit because batting against the new ball can be quite tough at times and you are bound to lose some early wickets.

In that scenario, the onus falls on your middle order players and the tail-enders as well to some extent.

India’s batting order has Ravindra Jadeja batting at no. 7. He is a useful player and in subcontinent conditions, you can even call him a game changer, but, not in Australia. He does not have as much of physical strength as one ideally needs to clear the big boundaries there.

Following him in the order is Ravichandran Ashwin and he is nothing more than just useful either. He is a technical sort of player who believes more in keeping the ball along the ground than lofting it. He is not somebody whom you would want to be batting out there for you if the required run rate is high.

The rest of the Indian bowlers are just sloggers. They swing as hard as they can and if they connect a few, the total gets stretched, but, you can’t be too optimistic about them contributing consistently.

The Indian coaching Staff has been keen to get the bowlers to bat regularly in the nets and make sure that they, at least, take care of themselves when they go out there in match situations.

But, they just don’t seem interested to apply themselves. When Bhuvneshwar Kumar plays, he can hang around for a little while, but, the others just look to hit out.