19 thoughts on “Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 Interview”

  1. I could think of about 100 ways this game could be improved, its ok…

  2. To a large extent we tend to be. We can be very spoilt, naive and pig-headed – compared to much of the world. I know people will argue with this (probably Aussies who have never left the country except to go to UK/US etc.) but it is true and we need to be aware of it.

  3. i dont think any cricket games have solved those probs especially the batting AI. believe it or not the only one that consistentlty challenges me is Shane Warne 99

  4. ponting shut up your mouth .. you dont have any rigths to say . Your integrity is questionable and debatable . you lost ur integrity when Benson asked about catch . better shut and sit

  5. Would have been great to hear a bit less about the graphics engine and a bit more about how 2007 addressed issues such as: under-aggressive AI batting, 100% perfect AI running between wickets judgment, medium-pace bowling at 160kmh while Brett Lee couldn’t crack 100kmh, the disrepency between the speed gun and how quickly it visually travels as well as that rule where LBW does not apply outside the line.

  6. cricket is boring. australia always win. can some other team please stand up!

  7. at least aussies dnt hav the urge to fuck sheep ya bloody kiwi cunt!

  8. can some bodi help me out..?
    i created a custom player for NZ but when i go play game hes not in da squad…
    wen in custom player area it dosent say add to squad…
    help me out here some 1 please!!

  9. We don’t care. This isn’t about what he’s done or not done in his private life, it’s an advert for our video game. How about you comment on the video game, or the cricket eh?

  10. I think we get the point of the abuse if you want to stop now please. No one’s biting, so move along.

  11. lol that’s funny and true but even though he is short he always makes a good score which is great and he is a great captin and brought the world cup home twice in a row and will bring it home again this year in 2007 :D:D:):)

  12. I don’t like Ponting as a person or captain, but theres no doubt he is the best batsman in the world at the moment. Saying he only scores against crappy bowlers? I really doubt he’d get 9,000 test and 10,000 ODI runs against crappy bowlers. And saying he has no skill? Do you even know anything about cricket or Ponting? He’s the best player off his legs in the game! He’s up there with Waugh, Tendulkar, Lara and Gavaskar as one of the great modern day batsmen!

  13. should be called kevin pietersen cricket after all he is the worlds best 1 day player.

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