1. nice video mate and who would be in ur world xi odi cuz u have 1 of the best channels for cricket and a lot of varities

  2. @141cbc Absolutely agree wid u nd im indian oooh n btw cricket’s popularity is declining in india …in d next 5 yrs india is predicted 2 be d largest consumer of football nd im guessing in d next 10yrs cricket will be extinct…we all know how cricket declined drastically in carribean in 90s and in aus in the 2000s

  3. @nottellingu0 Yep 100% right. Ponting at his best (during 2002 – 2008) he dominated the world and was better then Tendulkar. Don’t get me wrong, Tendulkar is a one of the greatest of all time and has sustained consistency for 20 years but Ponting in his prime may be the best batsmen since Bradman!

  4. @robelinda2 i am really sorry for you mate as whenever you upload anything about a batsman apart from the “little selfish one”, delirious one-eyed Indians start throwing their toys out of the pram and spoil the comments section…

  5. @6:38….pulled a 90-mile bouncer towards straightish mid-wicket…nobody can play this shot apart from viv and Punter! Tendulkar would have just ducked underneath..

  6. Dear Pointing is good batsman but look it first Sachin Century and match result.

    In Tests

    No. of Centuries = 51
    Centuries won = 23
    Centuries lost = 8
    Centuries Draw = 20

    In One Day Cricket

    No, of Centuries = 48
    Centuries won = 33
    Centuries lost = 13
    No result Games = 2
    33 match Won of His 48 centuries in ODI.

    If you know mathematics then you understand.Only one batsman Sachin play 20 year continue play cricket soon Australia team get out rick pointing his team but sachin still.

  7. I find this video funny because Bond dismissed Ponting almost every time they faced each other especially in ODI cricket

  8. As a Kiwi we tend to remember Bond as terrorizing the Aussie batsmen, one of the very few bowlers in recent times to do so. This video is a nice reminder of what a great batsman Ponting is, a fact that’s sometimes lost in amongst all the Tendulkar/Sewag/Lara hype. Anyways, I’m off to watch your video of Bond getting 5 wickets against Aussie, watching him get hit around is no fun at all!

  9. @nottellingu0 hey buddy ponting is not a better batsman than tendulkar ..

  10. jajaja yo sabía que Gaga se había copiado en lo de las motos para hacer el video de Judas… aunque claro, ella es de lo más original que ha habido

  11. @sateeshkumar16 yes it is my personal opinion that I am sharing on my personal Youtube account. Anything wrong with that?

  12. I’m indian and I must say that Ponting is a better batsman than tendulkar. He just attacks all the time and dominates like crazy. Sachin just plays for record and when he make century we always lose 🙁 i feel dravid is better at making runs when it counts more than tendulkar. But ponting is in a completely different level.

  13. @matty3011 Yep… He’s also scored 12,000 test runs for his country. Like Taylor and Steve Waugh, he should be given the courtesy to retire when he feels ready… and it looks like that will be the case. He’ll bounce back soon enough I’m sure. Consider also that he is still in very good ODI form, scored a century a few games back and has averaged 39 in the last 12 months.

  14. @infokill last 14 test matches 698 runs @ 27 is not good enough for the Aussie cricket team as far as I’m concerned. Plus its not just how many runs he scores but how he gets them. I’m no expert but he doesn’t look nearly as free at the crease as he used to. Still I’m hoping he’ll prove me wrong in the next few weeks.

  15. @matty3011 you’re an idiot mate… past 18 months, his average is 38 if you actually look up the stats… That is higher than the best batsmen of many test playing nations… I really do laugh when I read these sort of comments. The guy is “out of form” compared to his best form… It’s as simple as that.

  16. Ths video shows what a shadow of his former self Ricky has become in the past 18 months. Sad to see such a legend struggling as he is

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