25 thoughts on “Stuart Broad test hat-trick England vs India 2011 [HQ]”

  1. @hugga4u Do I have to tell u the rank of the pakistani team that is kicking ur ass right now….No 1 team my ass…

  2. @majesticmaniac they also went to australia and whooped the OZs 3-1… what’s your score? 4-0. yea stfu.

  3. So what happened pussies…come to the subcontinent and u get ur asskicked in 3 days….Best team in the world my ass.

  4. Nice hattrick, if India had DRS it wouldn’t have been one though. Still like Siddle’s a tad better.

  5. Well done to Broad but the LBW for the 2nd wicket is clearly a huge inside edge. I know you need to be lucky to get a hatrick but Broad was EXTREMELY lucky

  6. @majesticmaniac and now even the aussies are busy flogging your star studded indian team 3-0 so far looking good for 4-0, so far 122 runs, innings and 68, and innings and 37.

  7. Yes, this Billy bowden you know and love, and I am sure I would have got that decision correct

  8. This is not a real Hat-trick, Broad is a cheater, Broad knows that wasn’t a hat-trick.

  9. @MrIndian005 8 key players? You are joking aren’t you? Who are those 8 players then? You had Dravid, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Laxman, Raina, Harbajan, Yuvraj Singh and others..You had the majority of your best players there, they just did not perform aswell as England did.

  10. @FinalApples Not better…. much much better,,. It is like a difference between a professional cricketers and school boys XI.

  11. The atmosphere when he completed that hattrick, must’ve been fucking awesome to have been there.

  12. @ChestertonB ….Sorry wer busy whitewashing ur shitty ass one day team 5 – 0…..u arrogant english twat…dont go to ur job tomorrow morning, all ur jobs have been taken by us…

  13. if i remember correctly, harbhajan once took a hat-trick against australia when adam gilchrist smashed the ball into his pad. what goes around come around they say……

  14. @zubairkhans11 Most of your best players injured? You had most of your best batsmen such as: Sehwag, Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar, Raina, Gambhir and Dhoni in the 4th test match and still could not score more than 300. We weren’t lucky and you didn’t have tons of injuries, we were just better.

  15. @MrIndian005 does it really matter or are you really that bitter to just ignore the fact you were comprehensively annihilate

  16. India was missing 8 key players.WE won Test series in England at 2007.But when is the last time you won a series in India?

  17. @zubairkhans11 Indians drink tea too don’t they? I suppose it was lucky that those injured players (all of whom played in the series at some point) did miss a few games: they didn’t have to experience quite so much of the crushing defeat. I wouldn’t say they were tossers though – perhaps a tad harsh.

  18. Harbhajan can only blame the BCCI everyone else in cricket wants the DRS, if they had it fully in this series he wouldn’t have been out, yes the umpire made a mistake, thats what the DRS is there for.

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