22 thoughts on “Stuart Broad – The Spirit of Cricket”

  1. looks like a 12yo girl. thinks he’s a big tuff guy sledging etc when he’s got 10 mates around him lmao

  2. Yes spirit of cricket. Lets do ball tampering knowing very well that as long as i am not a pakistani (and have my dad as an ICC official) i can get away with it

  3. Aussie here and has been watching the ashes. Discovered him two days ago. Of course I love the Aussies most but he’s hot

  4. Well I dont Care If hes A “Cheat” I still love him to pieces And right now he’s the best we’ve got. xD

  5. Spirit of the game – yeah right. Broad’s a cheat. He starts running in to bowl then looks away and points, to distract the batsman. I wouldn’t mind if one of the umpires poked one of the stumps into his eyeball.

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