Sachin Tendulkar has said that the defeat in the last test series against England is not in the mind of the Indian players at the moment and the team is not looking for any kind of revenge. In a TV programme, when Tendulkar was asked if India is looking for a 4-0 victory, Sachin said, “We are not thinking too much ahead at the moment. We are just focussed on the first test. There is nothing like revenge in the heads of the players.”

“It obviously is going to be a close series. I don’t think the English batsmen are weak against the spinners. They have got some real class players who can play spin well.”

When asked about the preparation of the team for the series, Sachin said, “Most of the members of the team have played in the Ranji Trophy matches recently. Thereafter, we have had a training camp in Mumbai. So, the preparation for the first test is quite good. The players are in good form and in good frame of mind at the moment.”

One of the Sachin fans asked him if he feels nervous in facing any bowler. Replying to that question, Sachin said, “No, I don’t feel nervous in facing any one. I believe that a batsman should always play the ball not the bowlers. Even the greatest of bowlers can give you lose deliveries, and, sometimes, even the part timers can get you out.”

When asked about the Order of Australia honour that Sachin has got recently, the Master blaster replied, “I am delighted to have got this honour. Australia is one of those places where I have enjoyed playing a lot. People over there love good cricket. They appreciate the good shots even if those shots come from the bat of an opposing batsman.”