Dravid backs Captains

Former Indian captain, Rahul Dravid, has said that Sourav Ganguly and Mahendra Singh Dhoni are the best captains that India has ever produced. He said that every captain has his own style of going about his job. Sourav and Mahi are also pretty different. Sourav used to bring a lot of passion in his captaincy. He was very aggressive in his approach. On the other hand, Dhoni is a cool man. He always remains calm and doesn’t lose his composure even in adverse situations. He said that he played under both Sourav and Mahi and according to him, both of them have done a fantastic job for India.

Dravid said that he respects Mahendra Singh Dhoni a lot due to his amazing leadership qualities. As per Dravid, when the team was not doing well in England and Australia, Mahi attended all the press conferences and answered each and every question of the reporters. He never tried to hide himself from the media. And when the team does well, he goes into the background and never tries to take credit of the team’s win. According to Dravid, this is the quality of a true leader. He always leads the team from the front.

On being asked about his hobbies, Dravid said that reading books is his favourite pastime. Even during his playing days, books were his favourite companions. Dravid said that he didn’t used to discuss cricket with any other player, he used to discuss cricket with himself. Dravid said that some of his college friends used to read a lot of different books and from there, he picked the habit of reading books. Dravid said that, apart from cricket, he loved to watch other sports too. Whenever, he gets time, he watches tennis and golf. He said that it is fascinating to watch how the players of other sports go about their job.