1. Punter is, without a doubt, the greatest thrower the game has ever seen. These are only the run-outs; some of the almost run-outs (with the batsman just an inch inside) have been equally sensational.

  2. @Wilshire101 Pretty insane accurate arm, when compiling this video i just couldnt believe how many brilliant run outs Ponting affected, truly remarkable.

  3. What batsman in his right mind would push a quick single on Ricky Ponting’s arm? The man is a dead-set freak in the field!

  4. Phenomenal in the field. The amount of direct hit run outs he had in the one series sometimes is amazing!

  5. Surely Ponting’s the best fielder of all time in terms of impact on the match….Look at how many games he’s turned around with those great run outs not to mention all the fabulous catches he’s taken.Always alert in the field pouncing on the slightest hesitancy by the batsmen ..I think Symonds would be a close 2nd….Nobody even came close to these two in terms of scoring direct hits….
    Thanx a ton Rob….

  6. @bobbythelord Yea, for a world class team there fielding isn’t the best.

  7. Rob, @28.50, where is the match being played because i heard Ravi Shastri commenting in the match which was strange considering India’s not playing the match.

  8. @DreddWolff Ok maybe one. I got pissed when Ganguly when he refused all advise and refused to practice fielding.

  9. @bobbythelord You can’t say the same for Yuvie, he’s one great fielder they have.

  10. You should upload yesterdays game where Vetorri bowled the ball straight into the keepers mouth misjudging the bouce, he got like 12 stitches, blood everywhere. Loved it.

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