24 thoughts on “Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007 Promo Video”

  1. @bestsoftwares NO! Brain Lara is your country… in australia they sold it as Ricky Ponting etc… basically they sponser that player and put on the game cover and in game… and i dont even know cricket but i am a gamer so i would know how advertising and companies work

  2. @CodemastersGames I guess in this game Sub fielders not allowed to effect run outs, off spinners banned untill the batsman is set and every one has to spit on their palms every ball..

  3. @arpit20one and your a dead beat cunt your a typical; no good fucking curry muncher you all need to be shot none of you are any good

  4. no comparison of ponting and sir don with sachin,,both were far ahead of sachin..cant compare dons era with modern totaly bowling pitches in that time and almost no boy securties,,very difficult to bat on in such conditions and still make such records.and sachin plays most of his carrer on placid pitches,,look at his record against S.A and oz on non placid pitches.,,,poor.
    and ponting plays most of his carrier on bowling supportive pitches and plays most of his matches under pressure of captain

  5. and pressure affects ur performance.and yess oofcourse,,in 20 years sachin has no particular place in fielding he is just fielding at any ordinary place becuase he has to coz’he is playing ,,and take a look at ponting’s placis ..friends if want to compare ,compare compeletely,cricket is not a game of considering just batting but everything.

  6. How do i get this game is canada? can i buy it from a store or do i have to order online?

  7. lol exactly the same graphics and gameplay as brian lara 07 lol!

  8. If they really were no.1…they wouldn’t go out in the FIRST round of a WORLD CUP DUDE!!!!!!!!

  9. south africa r now no 1 watch tonight my friend 2-0 then 3-0 in sydney cant wait reply u sad aussie dick

  10. who the f**k is ricky ponting? a big loss 4the knigt riders a villain no 1 it swhud be saurav 2007

  11. australia has been the world champions in cricket for over 18 years now. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Your all jealous shits!

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