23 thoughts on “Yuvraj smacks Stuart ‘Barbie Doll’ Broad for 666666”

  1. Hey u britishers drink urine of Indians u ll get world cup tht time……………….

  2. Hey u britishers first u get d world cup to ur country ……cricket born in England….till now u people didnt got world cup even one time  shame on ur part ………………..

  3. how dare you say that to a LEGEND?? ur nothing to say that man u are a NOBADY ok man./ N offence by the way just that you don’t deserve to say a thing about freddie you good for nothing

  4. You do know that england is world no.1 in both test and t20 cricket and what is pakistan world no.1 in????????????? Answer me man!!! You called them trash isnt it?? so if pakistan is not trash tell me in what are they world no.1???

  5. yuvraj flintoff ki maa chod deta agar umpire bich mein nah aata toh aur woh succeed bhi hua apni fadu performance dekar. chakke chhuda diye flintoff k. aur ae harami yeh music hata sala. pura mood kharab kar diya

  6. Now a little has passed I think Stuard Broad is in credit in terms of performance against India

  7. @JimmyB2006 u r such a jerk… wat r u sayin? u hvnt visited India since 2008. Dude…. Eng was here since July this yr… and lost to us…. jus dont comment wen u r not completely aware of the statics…

  8. Spanked by Pakistan? That’s clearly a joke. Pakistan can sledge all they want but after the match fixing scandal they should all be ashamed to even be playing cricket. We haven’t played in India since 2008 when India won the series 1-0, previous England tour was 2005/06 when it was a tie. So for all your superstars very convincing. Don’t be bitter just because we knocked you off the top spot.

  9. @To all the English supporters… 5-0 Brownwash. At least we’ve won a test series in England, but when have you won it in India in recent times??

    Oh btw, you’re gonna get spanked by Pakistan. When you start sledging us Indians, we let our batting/bowling do the talking… but when you go in Pakistan and start sledging – don’t (advice from an Indian) ‘cos you’re gonna get some mouthfuls by Pakistanis; not to mention getting thrashed badly..

  10. Best Technique? Thats why he’s clearly a very successful test cricketer. Oh yeah and 4-0

  11. Lmao slogger? :O hahahahaha dude get some cricketing knowledge he got one of the best technique in the world..got natural shots…

  12. do not make a powerful indian slogger angry. their phenomenal hand eye and power will make u regret!

  13. to be honest as being Pakistani i must say that i enjoyed watching this video not because i like india but because hate england

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