25 thoughts on “Zaheer Khan knocks over Ricky Ponting”

  1. Probably Ricky Ponting and Ian Chappell were the one’s who disliked this video!:D Plus 2 of their fake accounts!:D

  2. this ball is similar to the bowl of shoaib akhtar to ponting at mcg in 2002…however awWwWwsum bowling

  3. LOL Its Ridiculously Insane to compare it to Wasim Akram’s Delivery which he bowled to Allan Lamb. Wasim’s was way more faster, And swung way more then this. This barely straightened, if it did at all, and Ponting played the wrong line!

  4. Zaheer Khan is the best man! what a bowler, he’s what india needed on the field and off, he’s inspairing so many bowler in india now! he’s just amazing!

  5. Zaheer Khan is a great bowler along with Dale Steyn of this modern era…He is 1 big reason why India won the World Cup 2011… I am proud of him

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  7. gud delivery but Wasim had bowled plenty of them, he is just master and zaheer khan, ashish nehra, johnsons are just little kids in front of him…

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